Monday, 4 July 2011

Dear Mason

You are just over one year old.  
Your mom is in love with you totally, absolutely, and unquestionably.    
By the time you read this, you probably know how forgetful I can be and how I can lose notes, books, computer files, so this can be it.  My Words to you.     

I'm your dad. . . . .   in training.    

I don't know what kind of dad I am when you read this.  Good, bad, or ugly.  Or all of the above.  
Whatever I am, I hope I don't ruin your life or traumatize you in too severe of a way.   

It's because I don't know how to be a dad.  I haven't a clue.  I'm picking up bits and pieces from people I talk to or see what they do.  To be honest, I feel like at 29 years old I am finally figuring out bit by bit on how to be me.   
Who am I to be a dad? 

But I am.   I am here.  You are here.  You're mom is here.  

And I will try.   no.  no try.  will do.     I will be your dad.  

Love you kiddo.   my boy.